Monday, April 25, 2011

The Twilight Zone -- Book Episodes

I spent some time this weekend watching old episodes of The Twilight Zone on Netflix Instant. I've always loved the way this show would portray books in such a positive light. Well, maybe not the "cookbook" episode, but you know what I mean! Here are my three favorites, in no particular order:

1. Time Enough At Last (season 1, Episode 8)
Bespectacled bookworm Henry Bemis loves nothing more than reading. When a nuclear war leaves him the sole survivor, he happily plans to read books until he dies -- but fate writes him a surprise ending.

2. Obsolete Man (Season 2, Episode 29)
In a future totalitarian society, a librarian is declared obsolete and sentenced to death.

3. To Serve Man (Season 3, Episode 24)
An alien race comes to earth, promising peace and sharing technology. A linguist and his team set out to translate the alien's language, using a book whose title they deduce is "To Serve Man".

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  1. Sounds like I need to watch some TZ! I think I've seen the last one.


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