Thursday, May 5, 2011

Essential Pépin by Jacques Pépin

Exactly what you would expect from the consummate French gourmet chef, the incredibly likeable Jacques Pépin.

Starting with a brief history of his early years in the culinary industry and ending with a DVD showing simple cooking techniques and tips, this great treasure trove of fast and easy French haute-cuisine is exceptional.

Essential Pépin is broken down into chapters that cover the entire spectrum of edible delights, including soups, salads, breads, seafood, meats, vegetables and several different kinds of desserts. I particularly enjoyed the garlic soup, mushroom-stuffed potato pancakes, clams on a half-shell with cold horseradish-vinegar sauce, corned beef pot-au-feu and the apple fritters.

I also really liked the illustrations, which Jacques drew himself!

This is a fun cookbook that can be referenced again and again. Essential Pépin is a must for foodies everywhere!

5 Diamonds

(Received complimentary copy for review purposes only.)


  1. This book sounds great - and must be with a five diamonds status! I like the sound of the several different kinds of desserts! The French sure do know how to cook... and eat!

  2. OMGosh -- the recipe section took up half the book! And most of them were really easy with simple ingredients. :)

    I'm a bit of a biased reviewer -- I've had a crush of Jacques since the early 1990s!


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