Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More problems

Hi everyone!

I've been having a lot of problems with my account the past two days (shades of Friday the 13th).

While I've been able to log in and make posts to my blog, for some reason I have not been able to make comments.

I can't comment on my own posts or on anyone else's blog. I simple cannot make any comments of any kind. Bummer!

I've contact Blogger support and I'm waiting to hear back from them.

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm not being anti-social on purpose. I've tried several times to comment on your blogs and to comment back to all of you on my blog, but it won't let me. :(

Is anyone else having any problems?

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  1. Oh I'm glad it's not just me then! I've been having problems making comments on some blogs but then on others it's been fine! gggrrrr
    Meanwhile, I'm participating in Armchair BEA this week and today's post is about blogs I love - there's a little award for you in my post:


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