Monday, May 16, 2011

In the Woods by Tara French

While I wouldn’t call it a page-turner, because it was somewhat slow at times, I was drawn into this story and I needed to know how it ended.

Ms. French occasionally becomes lost in reflection -- I didn’t really need to know the main character’s every single thought -- it made for a really long book. And, since it’s written by a woman, but is being told from a man’s view point, it didn’t always seem realistic. Do men really think like that?!
Other than that though, I found
In the Woods to be a compelling, easy-to-read thriller, with lots of intriguing twists and turns. 

In the Woods solves one mystery, but leaves another unresolved. I can see how this would annoy some readers. I am holding out hope that Adam (Rob) Ryan’s story will be explained in Tara French’s next book The Likeness.

3 ½ Diamonds


  1. Since deleted some of my posts last week, here are two comments that were also deleted.

    Thank you, Book Gatherer and Confuzzled Shannon, for stopping by. I apologize for any inconvenience the outage may have cause. :)

  2. The Book Gatherer says:

    This sounds like a rather bizarre story - well a bizarre way to write one anyway. I've just finished reading The Distant Hours by Kate Morton and she seemed to detail every step each of the characters made too, leaving very little room for the imagination - not to mention making it a rather long book! Have you got The Likeness to read yet or will you give the series a break now?

  3. "Confuzzled" Shannon says:

    I have seen mixed reviews about this book. It does grab the eyes though.


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