Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Alienist by Caleb Carr

Absolutely fascinating mix of fact and fiction! Best-selling author Caleb Carr gives us several murder mysteries rolled into one with this thrilling hunt for one of New York’s first serial killers.
Set at the turn of the century, eminent alienist Laszlo Kreizler, accompanied by his good friends John Moore and Sara Howard and two quarreling brother investigators Lucius and Marcus Isaacson, must stop a savage beast before he strikes again. With the addition of real-life characters such as Teddy Roosevelt and J.P. Morgan, you could easily believe that you’re reading a true crime thriller.
Caleb Carr’s extensive historical education and the amazing amount of research he puts into his work truly goes a long way towards bringing the sights, scents and sounds of this great city and time period come alive.
At around 600 pages in length, The Alienist is a surprisingly quick read. So much well written, page-turning excitement left me longing for even more. I’m really looking forward to reading Mr. Carr’s following novel, The Angel of Darkness—I can’t wait to find out what all my old friends are up to. 5 Diamonds

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